Best Homemade Organic Spray for Lizards: Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards can be a nuisance, leaving droppings and causing damage to your property. But fear not because we have natural solutions that are safe for you and the environment. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a diverse group of animals. However, some species of lizards can become unwanted guests in our homes or gardens. Homemade organic pest control for lizards offers many benefits, making it an attractive option for those seeking a natural and eco-friendly solution.

Best Homemade Organic Spray for Lizards

Best Homemade Organic Spray for Lizards

Make Your Lizard Repellent Spray by Mixing Hot Peppers and Water

This homemade solution is not only easy to make, but it also offers a safe and organic alternative to chemical-based sprays. To create a lizard-repellent spray, chop some hot peppers, such as cayenne or chili peppers. These spicy ingredients contain capsaicin, which repels lizards due to its strong smell and taste. Next, place the chopped peppers into a container with water and let it sit for several hours or overnight.

This allows the capsaicin to infuse into the water, creating a potent lizard deterrent. It’s important to note that while this homemade lizard repellent effectively deters lizards naturally without harming them or other animals around you, it may need reapplication over time as rain can wash away the potency of the solution.

Create a Lizard-repelling Soap Solution with Castile Soap and Essential Oils

This natural mixture can help repel lizards from your home without harming them or the environment. Combine liquid soap and water in a spray bottle to create a lizard-repelling soap solution. Next, add several drops of essential oils known to deter lizards, such as peppermint oil, lemon oil, or lavender oil.

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disinfectant liquid

These scents are unpleasant to lizards and can help keep them away from your space. Shake the bottle well to ensure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then, you can use this solution to spray areas where you have seen lizards or areas where they may enter your home, such as windowsills, doorways, or cracks in walls.

Combine Specific Plants and Herbs to Create a Mixture That Deters Lizards

Mint, basil, lavender, and lemongrass are all great choices to deter lizards. Their strong aromas are natural deterrents, making your home less inviting for lizards. Boil water and add crushed mint or basil leaves and chopped garlic cloves. Let the mix steep overnight, then strain it into a spray bottle. Spraying this solution around entry points or areas where lizards frequent will help keep them at bay. The scent of the plants acts as a barrier that keeps unwanted visitors away.

Use Fruit and Vegetables to Make Homemade Bait Traps for Lizards

Lizards are attracted to the scent of certain fruits, such as bananas, and strawberries, and vegetables l